Gym Series – Finding Inspiration

Reasons why you need a Personal Trainer

Before we begin, I have a task for you…find out the following:

  1. How many of your close friends actually work-out
  2. How many of your close friends have personal trainers
  3. How many of your close friends have never been to a gym before

A personal trainer is a vital part of the fitness journey. Why you ask? This is to maximize the effectiveness of each and every work-out, whether home, virtual or gym based workouts. By having a personal trainer, chances of injury during the training sessions are unlikely as the trainer focuses on you as a client, focuses on your body position as you train as well as putting up a perfect routine that would help you achieve your personal body goals.

Ultimately, your fitness journey is also highly dependent on your discipline and how often you workout. Nutrition also plays a major role in your health journey and therefore such topics you can bet will be part of our discussions further-on.

Here’s some of the reasons you need a personal trainer in your life:

  1. Motivation: Personal trainers are the fitness professionals and motivation that you need to move past your comfort zones
  2. Workout program design: Personal trainers are hugely responsible in designing a perfect workout program best suited for your body goals. As our bodies vary and respond differently, it is therefore important to understand our bodies and how far we can go in terms of fitness.
  3. Set realistic goals: Personal trainers can easily help clients set realistic goals as nothing is more disheartening as setting unrealistic goals and not accomplishing them.
  4. Establish lifelong workout habits: Personal Trainers help and assist their clients identify that working out is a priority in their lives, especially when it comes to fitness or health and wellness. They help their clients reevaluate how they view health and wellness. They challenge their clients to be better.

Want to find out more about personal trainers? Check out my next episode on gym series!!!

Xoxo 🙂 with love

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