Gym Series – Finding Inspiration

Series 1.o

Alright…i know that i am not the only one that goes through days of absolute laziness to go to the gym. Now this particular segment will help you find the inspiration you so much need on such days and YES, works very well for me in the past years to date 🙂

  • Make a commitment with:
    • Yourself – It always starts with YOU. DECIDE, COMMIT, SUCCEED
    • Your Trainer – Get yourself a good trainer that will take the fitness journey with you
    • Your Friend (s) – To motivate and push you to achieve your goals
  • Visualize your body goals and health successes
    • Stay loyal to your goals. Be committed to becoming better and fulfilling your dreams and body goals. Commit to be strong and fit
  • Dress for a workout
    • The same way you would dress up to go for an outing with friends, partys, work etc…is the exact same way you should dress up for a workout
  • Find your Workout Tribe:
    • Associate with the people that make you feel the most YOU, people that would cheer for you even on the days you don’t feel like getting out of bed let alone go to the gym or workout from home
    • Find you a tribe that will motivate you, remind you of your health goals and those that make you feel better with your pace as well as push you forward for more successes

It takes Patience, Commitment and Consistency.



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