Random and Unplanned

Naivasha Roadtrip

We all have bags, we all pack and travel differently. Some of us are light travellers whilst others are “secret” hoarders 🙂 Doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you may be but what significantly matters is the fact that we all have one thing in common…we love to TRAVEL!

Let’s start with the fact that this was an unplanned trip, which happened to be one of my favourite moments of 2020 (oohh and we all know how crazy 2020 has been – and not “good crazy” for most parts). Speaking of 2020, i am particularly proud of how i have handled the past few months, months filled with uncertainty, doubt, the silent battles fought and humbling moments that we all had to experience in one way or the other. I celebrate THAT FACT and i sure hope that you all do as well.

Early Sunday morning, we set course to Naivasha with absolutely no idea of the activities we would indulge ourselves into. “Random is basically my middle name at this point as this was wholesomely my idea of fun.” The roads to Naivasha are not that welcoming and therefore spent quite alot of time trying to navigate the traffic that was continuously building up by the moment. (Oohhh let’s not talk about the drive back as that was a complete nightmare with reckless drivers not giving a damn about other people’s safety). Regardless, the Rift Valley View Point was worth the wait as it’s so so beautiful wow! Get’s to me at all times.

First stop was at Crescent Island Game Sanctuary which can only be accessed via boat as the area was a bit flooded and most houses submerged by the waters. As they say, “It is one of the most beautiful parks in Kenya and so often called Naivasha’s best-kept secret.” I couldn’t agree more! That was a whole new experience for me, best believe. From a range of families of hippos, to actually standing next to giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, waterbucks, gazelles and a whole variety of beautiful birds…wow wow wow, that was a sight to behold! Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to see and a lot of fun activities to do i.e boat riding (which i absolutely loved), horse riding, bird watching among many other fun activities that can be viewed on their website linked above. The pricing was also quite affordable so definitely recommending!

As Ann Beattie once said “people forget years and remember moments” well our next stop was not only shocking but breathtakingly beautiful and definitely a moment to remember in all eternities. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention but the Crater Lake we saw demanded our attention! That’s how unusually beautiful it was and in particular the fact that we saw it from a cliff and in that event got to see the crater lake as is. Habitually not scared of height, nevertheless, in that moment, i felt the fear slowly lurk inside and yet, still i did it. I sat on the edge of the cliff to the crater lake, scared of falling but that became a moment of the past after conquering that little fear that was continuously creeping up inside me. Safe to say my inner She-Wolf unleashed herself and saved the day.

Good food equals a merry jolly mood and that’s exactly what transpired after our visit to the crater lake. By the way, we also got to see some more wild animals that spiced up the whole crater lake tour! As i always say; Stop, Disconnect and Look around for a moment, you would see just how beautiful and amazing the world is. You would appreciate the little things in life, those that make you smile and live in the moment i.e during lunch in a popular camping site in Naivasha by the name Camp Carnelly’s, (Link to their website attached) my partner literally ended up drinking beer with two bees inside unknowingly! (Yes i laughed…i had a good laugh filled with love and adoration towards my partner 🙂 Regardless, we enjoyed a very good meal, with refreshing cold beer (as mentioned above) in a very comfortable funky environment full of laughter, relaxation and best of all…love.

All in all, it was a very successful spontaneous trip and that sums up my 2020.

Many thanks to my partner for yet another amazing year together and cheers to many more unplanned trips! i truly hope you all enjoy the last days of 2020 as we prepare to launch in the new year with a BANG!

Snippets from the Trip!!! #Enjoy

PS… Don’t forget to keep fit and healthy! #CertifiedPersonalTrainer

Happy Holidays!

With Love…


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