Sleep? Here’s why a good night’s sleep is important for you!

Lack of sleep may be disastrous to our general health in ways we can possibly not imagine. You can bet sleep deprivation can cause sluggishness, grumpiness, weight gain, heart disease, low libido, diabetes, long term mood disorders among many other causes scientifically proven. On a more personal level, lack of enough or good sleep really does affect my mood in ways i cannot possibly comprehend. My body would feel tired, i would be sad most of the day and grumpy Ingrid would definitely be the talk of the town (jinx). No one would want to deal with a grumpy Ingrid, best believe haha 🙂

Prioritising good sleep is part of good self care, both mentally and physically. Good sleep is the golden chain that binds our health and bodies together and therefore would definitely recommend / not recommend the following:

Absolutely Recommended:

  • Have a sleep schedule (set aside at least 8 hours of good sleep)
  • Reduce irregular or day time naps
  • Avoid caffeine especially during the evening hours (i am genuinely guilty of this, worry not because i am working on getting rid of this behaviour.)
  • Have early yet light meals for dinner
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower before bed
  • Get a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow (works like magic)

NOT Recommended!

  • Irregular sleeping schedules
  • Too much caffeine or alcohol especially during the night
  • Eating and drinking too close to bedtime
  • Thinking too much just before bedtime (easily translates to stress)
  • Sleeping with tech screens on…(smartphones, laptops, ipads etc)
  • Binge watching especially late into the night

Night time is your time to heal from the everyday hustle and bustle

Legend says that if you cannot sleep means that you are awake in someone else’s dreams… (Ingrid says in that regard: when i find out who keeps me awake at night, i’m gonna punch them in the face 🙂 )

Look out for the next article as we will definitely dive a bit more onto why sleep is important as well as touch on the various sleeping positions.

Love and Light,


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