Hello Ngong Hills!

First off … HAPPY NEW MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!!! Whoooppp whooopppp! I hope this new month inspires you to seize each moment in the best way possible, as it’s never too late to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. You are capable of amazing things. Never forget that!

This past Saturday, nature called and i answered, tagging along my favourite amazing clients and besties, for an early morning hike at Ngong Hills. They say hiking leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller. Well my clients, besties and I will for sure be storytellers for the next couple of days after conquering 6 out of the 7 hills. We would’ve quite easily climbed all the 7 hills but time unfortunately wasn’t on our side. All in all we had the best time connecting, discovering and learning everything nature had to offer!

Happiness does have a smell, and that’s the smell of nature. Enjoy part of the memories captured and follow me on instagram to get the full story on how cool the hike was!

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8 thoughts on “Hello Ngong Hills!

  1. I personally enjoyed every moment of this hike. It was amazing.
    Thank you I&F Fitness. Looking forward to many more.
    I love the article and the pictures😊

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