Here is yet another HIIT workout challenge revolving around short yet intense training exercises. HIIT combines short intervals of hard work with rest/recovery. This challenge aims at specifically targeting the core muscles among many other muscles as explained below:



Full body and strength training workout. Burpees are excellent fat-burning exercises that help build strong muscles and increase your metabolism throughout the entire day

4 sets of 20 counts each


Low Planks

Strengthens your back, spine and core as well as improves posture. You can increase the intensity by adding weights on your back

4 sets of 45 secs each.


Mountain Climbers

Compound exercise that targets multiple muscles and joints. This HIIT ab workout also targets your upper body muscles and obliques.

4 sets of 20 counts each


Bicycle Crunches

Increases core strength and slims down the waist 🙂 They target your deep abs, also known as transversus abdominis

4 sets of 20 counts each

Have as much fun as possible while at it

Xo: Ingrid

Published by I&F Fitness

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  1. This workout is great for training your mental strength and discipline if we keep to this regiment for core strength. Thank you for breaking it down for us, will try my best.

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