January “bounce-back” challenge

December holidays are literally an “eat, drink and jiggle like you mean it” kinda holidays and i must say, i strictly adhered to that after crossing my 300km endurance run challenge for the month of December. (Strava challenges are genuinely thee best!). Thanks Kent for the intro!

For the last two weeks of the December holiday season, my jeans would keep telling me “no more of the Christmas cookies and ice creams” and yet my tights would respond with an “i got you boo” kinda vibe haha. You get the point. I ate all the junk food in the world and it’s now time to clean up the body and get back in shape :-).


The 4 week lean and shred challenge will test your patience and sanity. With only one rest day, the workouts are spread over 6 days of the week with each workout targeting a specific muscle group.

Best of luck to all of us!

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