The “Jolly” Season

Fitness and Festivities It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (literally singing this masterpiece by Michael Buble` all month long) and i can bet you, keeping track of your fitness goals coupled with the festivities may not go hand in hand or might be a tad difficult; and so here i am to helpContinue reading “The “Jolly” Season”

Rest and Fitness

It has been a while innit? I missed you too 🙂 Let’s just say i was resting because our topic of discussion today is all about rest and fitness. “whoop whoop” Rest and recovery is an important aspect in fitness because it allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself up, especially after aContinue reading “Rest and Fitness”

January “bounce-back” challenge

December holidays are literally an “eat, drink and jiggle like you mean it” kinda holidays and i must say, i strictly adhered to that after crossing my 300km endurance run challenge for the month of December. (Strava challenges are genuinely thee best!). Thanks Kent for the intro! For the last two weeks of the DecemberContinue reading “January “bounce-back” challenge”


Cool heading right? Wohoooo! The SQUATcember challenge will generally involve the basic bodyweight squat, which is a foundational move during training. Not only does squatting help improve your balance and coordination, but also helps develop core mobility, hips, ankles and knees. With that in mind, i dare you to a 21 day squatting challenge thisContinue reading “SQUATcember CHALLENGE!”

Runners and Motorists

Couple of weeks ago, while running on the streets of Nairobi, i had a motorist unnecessarily use her car horn on me for trying to cross the road (on a marked crosswalk btw), and the traffic light clearly indicated the STOP SIGN for motorists. A lesson learnt to never trust motorists especially when running outdoors.Continue reading “Runners and Motorists”


Here is yet another HIIT workout challenge revolving around short yet intense training exercises. HIIT combines short intervals of hard work with rest/recovery. This challenge aims at specifically targeting the core muscles among many other muscles as explained below: 01 Burpees Full body and strength training workout. Burpees are excellent fat-burning exercises that help buildContinue reading “HIIT WORKOUT CHALLENGE”

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is part and parcel of my personal training programmes. It is a great sport especially since it helps unplug from the daily grind and routines which can be monotonous and stressful at some level or point in time. One of the major benefits of indoor climbing is that it uses major muscleContinue reading “Indoor Rock Climbing”

Hello Ngong Hills!

First off … HAPPY NEW MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!!! Whoooppp whooopppp! I hope this new month inspires you to seize each moment in the best way possible, as it’s never too late to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. You are capable of amazing things. Never forget that! This past Saturday, nature called andContinue reading “Hello Ngong Hills!”