Rest and Fitness

It has been a while innit? I missed you too 🙂 Let’s just say i was resting because our topic of discussion today is all about rest and fitness. “whoop whoop” Rest and recovery is an important aspect in fitness because it allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself up, especially after aContinue reading “Rest and Fitness”

Deadlifting Guide

Everything you need to know about Conventional Deadlifts! First and foremost, this is my absolute favorite weight training exercise of all times and pretty soon (as you read this article), you will understand why that is the case. The deadlift is a compound exercise that activates a total of 13 muscles (i.e quads, hamstrings, glutes,Continue reading “Deadlifting Guide”

Lift or do cardio first?

This is an important question that i am asked multiple times as a personal fitness trainer. Many factors are in play on whether to do cardio first (running to be specific) or weight lifting i.e: What are your overall fitness goals? What are you looking to gain from your training? How do you want toContinue reading “Lift or do cardio first?”

How Often Should You work out?

“How many times a week am i supposed to workout to achieve my body goals?” This is the million dollar question that most people ask before starting their fitness journey. There are lots of factors to consider in order to determine the number of days needed to achieve your body and health goals. Some ofContinue reading “How Often Should You work out?”

Pre and Post-Workout Snacks

Having read and responded to some of the comments on the previous post, an intelligent subscriber requested for my opinion on some of the best yet affordable pre/post workout snacks that would be effective prior and after a workout session. Tune in and don’t forget to subscribe for more 🙂 Let’s get started and shoutContinue reading “Pre and Post-Workout Snacks”

Witness the Fitness

Essentials for a solid gym routine! Pre-Workout Snack Exercising takes on a lot of energy and your body needs to source that energy from the food you eat for a whole lot of reasons varying from your nutrition, diet and motivation for your overall fitness goals. To maximize on your performance and recovery, a pre-workoutContinue reading “Witness the Fitness”

Gym Series – Finding Inspiration

Reasons why you need a Personal Trainer Before we begin, I have a task for you…find out the following: How many of your close friends actually work-out How many of your close friends have personal trainers How many of your close friends have never been to a gym before A personal trainer is a vitalContinue reading “Gym Series – Finding Inspiration”

Gym Series – Finding Inspiration

Series 1.o Alright…i know that i am not the only one that goes through days of absolute laziness to go to the gym. Now this particular segment will help you find the inspiration you so much need on such days and YES, works very well for me in the past years to date 🙂 MakeContinue reading “Gym Series – Finding Inspiration”