Cool heading right? Wohoooo! The SQUATcember challenge will generally involve the basic bodyweight squat, which is a foundational move during training. Not only does squatting help improve your balance and coordination, but also helps develop core mobility, hips, ankles and knees. With that in mind, i dare you to a 21 day squatting challenge thisContinue reading “SQUATcember CHALLENGE!”

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is part and parcel of my personal training programmes. It is a great sport especially since it helps unplug from the daily grind and routines which can be monotonous and stressful at some level or point in time. One of the major benefits of indoor climbing is that it uses major muscleContinue reading “Indoor Rock Climbing”

Hello Ngong Hills!

First off … HAPPY NEW MONTH OF SEPTEMBER!!! Whoooppp whooopppp! I hope this new month inspires you to seize each moment in the best way possible, as it’s never too late to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. You are capable of amazing things. Never forget that! This past Saturday, nature called andContinue reading “Hello Ngong Hills!”

Running Shoes

You know you are a runner when your running shoes are the most expensive pair of shoes that you own. Most people fail to understand the importance of good running shoes and the reasons as to why they are quite expensive than your normal pair of sneakers and so forth. Good running shoes would definitelyContinue reading “Running Shoes”

Deadlifting Guide

Everything you need to know about Conventional Deadlifts! First and foremost, this is my absolute favorite weight training exercise of all times and pretty soon (as you read this article), you will understand why that is the case. The deadlift is a compound exercise that activates a total of 13 muscles (i.e quads, hamstrings, glutes,Continue reading “Deadlifting Guide”

Lift or do cardio first?

This is an important question that i am asked multiple times as a personal fitness trainer. Many factors are in play on whether to do cardio first (running to be specific) or weight lifting i.e: What are your overall fitness goals? What are you looking to gain from your training? How do you want toContinue reading “Lift or do cardio first?”

Sleep? Here’s why a good night’s sleep is important for you!

Lack of sleep may be disastrous to our general health in ways we can possibly not imagine. You can bet sleep deprivation can cause sluggishness, grumpiness, weight gain, heart disease, low libido, diabetes, long term mood disorders among many other causes scientifically proven. On a more personal level, lack of enough or good sleep reallyContinue reading “Sleep? Here’s why a good night’s sleep is important for you!”

Gym Series – Finding Inspiration

Series 1.o Alright…i know that i am not the only one that goes through days of absolute laziness to go to the gym. Now this particular segment will help you find the inspiration you so much need on such days and YES, works very well for me in the past years to date 🙂 MakeContinue reading “Gym Series – Finding Inspiration”