Sleeping Warrior Hike

Few weeks ago, in the company of Empire Dance Adventures; introduced to me by a good friend who is also apparently called “Ingred,” we made our way to Lake Elementaita, Naivasha region for a hike at the famous Sleeping Warrior Hills. Located adjacent to Lake Elementaita, and approximately 140 Km from Nairobi, the sleeping warriorContinue reading “Sleeping Warrior Hike”

Random and Unplanned

Naivasha Roadtrip We all have bags, we all pack and travel differently. Some of us are light travellers whilst others are “secret” hoarders 🙂 Doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you may be but what significantly matters is the fact that we all have one thing in common…we love to TRAVEL! Let’s start with theContinue reading “Random and Unplanned”