Horseback Riding?

Fascinating Facts and Skills on Horseback Riding!

Horseback riding in fitness is an important sport just as any other (matter of fact i actually think it’s one of the best sports) as it increases general body strength especially core strength and muscle toning. Riders end up developing better reflexes, a sense of balance and co-ordination as they use their entire body (which translates to using most of your body muscles) to propel the horse forward. It’s a physically challenging, demanding activity and yet so rewarding!

A riders strongest muscle development would be the core as earlier mentioned. This is because maintaining a proper riding posture requires a-lot of focus on the core, as it takes an engaged core to stay balanced on the horse and in addition, the back, chest and thigh muscles. Co-ordination is equally an important skill for horseback riding as the rider needs to have and maintain good co-ordination skills in-order to co-ordinate his/her movements with the horse’s movements. The rider will have to direct the horse to the right direction based on the desired destination and over or around obstacles such as fences etc. (Not as easy as it sounds…takes lots of practice.)

Horses are social creatures and often make excellent companions. Lots of equestrians call and view their horses as their “best friends.” Understandably enough, horses are known to have a therapeutic effect as they are such beautiful and noble creatures. Being able to interact with horses has positive effects on people and i am living proof…proudly! I am personally very lucky to be doing horseback riding having ridden 3 different yet very strong ex-racers by the names Santorini, Lady of the Moment and Star. Oh what a beautiful feeling i must say especially when you love a horse that loves you right back! Just like humans, when treated with respect, kindness, and love, then the bond that develops between the horse and the rider is truly amazing and inspiring.

Want to learn more about horseback riding? Leave a comment with your questions and i will definitely get right back at you! Meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful photos 🙂

Happy Riding…


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10 thoughts on “Horseback Riding?

  1. I love this!! Always wanted to try horseback riding but I’ve been kinda scared. Definitely will be trying this soon because of you! 🙂


  2. Wow, for some’ unknown reason’ 😉, I’m feeling like riding horses now. This all sounds very fun and interesting.
    Very well written article. Love it

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